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The Team

Who We Are

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Sebastian Buchinger

Founder & CEO

The young and aspiring CEO founded the company in 2018 and has since proven himself to be a reliable partner in many projects. He is an expert in functional safety and system planning. The ability to keep an eye on the essentials in complex projects while still being able to think outside the box makes him unique and unmistakable. Despite his leadership role, he is considered an absolute team player within the company and can always maintain the balance between professionalism and interpersonal relationships through trained communication and his empathetic demeanor.

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Magdalena Buchinger

Founder & CEO

With her excellent analytical thinking and technical understanding, Ms. Buchinger is an important part of the company. She has a high degree of initiative and intrinsic motivation and has already been able to demonstrate her expertise in many projects. In addition to her competence for technical planning, she is also characterized by her excellent analytical skills and solution-oriented thinking.

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Manuel Geier

Marketing & Communication

Our business and marketing brain brings multimedia know-how and organizational strength. The solution-oriented communication talent strengthens the company through dynamic adaptability and teamwork. Criticism, strong intrinsic motivation, and excellent social skills complete his skill set.

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Hermann Rusch

Project engineer for automation technology

Hermann is an experienced automation engineer renowned for his mastery of tools and technologies. He tackles challenges with unwavering determination, inspiring confidence through his dependable work ethic. As a valuable team player, he injects fresh perspectives, energy, and innovative ideas. Hermann's commitment to meeting deadlines and his ability to consistently deliver exceptional results instill unwavering confidence in his abilities.

Sandra Schweng

Executive Assistent

Allow us to introduce you to Ms. Schweng, our dedicated Executive Assistant, whose years of experience have polished her organizational finesse. With a keen eye for detail, she adeptly handles meetings, deadlines, and schedules, ensuring everything runs seamlessly. A gifted communicator, she plays a pivotal role in fostering teamwork and cohesion, humbly supporting the smooth functioning of our endeavors.

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