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Project Management

Having a dedicated and motivated team is paramount for achieving your company's goals. We operate with great efficiency and precision, dedicated to delivering substantial value to our customers. Our team of experts diligently plans and manages projects, adhering to the highest industry standards and our unwavering commitment.

Project management is a complex field that encompasses various aspects, including areas like concepts, coordination and control, project control, planning coordination, supplier coordination, customer representation, and interface management.


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Concepts, Coordination and Control

We develop concepts, orchestrate projects, provide continuous support, and vigilantly oversee all subsequent planning and executions within the realms of the biotech and pharmaceutical related sectors. Our unwavering focus remains on maintaining a steady grasp on quality, customer satisfaction, costs, and deadlines.

Project Control and Customer Representation

We provide substantial support to ensure efficient and budget-conscious project planning and execution. Additionally, we take on the responsibility of proficiently implementing and executing project control of high quality on your behalf. Moreover, we understand how to effectively represent our clients and uphold a polished professional image.

Coordination of Planning and Supplier Coordination

We adeptly coordinate various aspects among different suppliers and other stakeholders. Furthermore, we meticulously coordinate comprehensive planning services on your behalf, maintaining constant vigilance over quality, costs, and timelines in relation to:

Project organization ✔️

Concept and execution planning ✔️

Cost estimation ✔️

Tendering ✔️

Awarding ✔️

Structural engineering ✔️


Quality management ✔️

Design guidelines ✔️


Overall planning ✔️

Interface Management

We deliver efficient construction supervision that employs a success-oriented approach, providing concise guidance to contracted firms and ensuring the project's punctual completion within the designated budget. Our services encompass:

Project scheduling ✔️

Quality monitoring ✔️

Measurement and invoicing ✔️

Change order management ✔️

Defect rectification ✔️


Inspections and approvals ✔️

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