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Pushing Boundaries & Inspiring Change

Introducing our heraldic animal the "1o1 G.O.A.T." 

How to be the best version of yourself?

We spared no expense or effort and are proud to present the anwer: The "1o1 G.O.A.T."

  • Get into action: asses the possibitys and risks.

  • Own your failures.

  • Always push your boundries and believe in the impossible.

  • Take time to celebrate the wins.

  • Repeat.

The "1o1 G.O.A.T." stands for our inner potential; it represents what we are as well as what is possible. It's about the inspiration to become and maintain the best version of yourself. Well, that's up to you to find out. You're welcome to join us on our road to greatness with 1o1 and nurture your inner "1o1 G.O.A.T."

Find out what you need to excel in your professional life and strike a balance between daring new roads along the steep cliffs life throws at us and navigate the challenges inspired by the Alpine Ibex (alias the 1o1 G.O.A.T). It seems effortless as that majestic animal climbs and navigates daringly dangerous paths but still maintains stability and a clear mind with a set target. (It only looks effortless because of a lifetime of failing and trying again.)


Goat Fernglas_edited.jpg

The key to success is about risk management—know your boundaries, respect them, but still keep pushing them ever so lightly. It's about celebrating the wins but even more, celebrating the apparent misses. Because the most important thing for a life full of personal growth is to have the courage to move forward on unproven territory and take "failure" into consideration to reach your goals, even if it means learning how to manage risk and recover. Building up resilience, like you'll see in the extremely rigid and stubborn horns of the Ibex, demands respect and, at the same time, gives a sense of security and protection to dare to conquer and develop the unconquered mental lands and abilities.

Confront the inner fears and mental barriers in the safe environment of the caring and loving 1o1 team, inspired by each and every one of us. We face the challenges of a technologically advanced world with ease and pride.

That's why at 1o1, we celebrate the losses as hard as the wins. Proud to take the journey with the 1o1 G.O.A.T. tribe to conquer the world with agility, love, and dedication.


At 1o1 we are dedicated to live our values and belives in every aspect of our operations.

That´s no easy feed but we did it.


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